Create iTunes Account Without a Credit Card

An iTunes account/ Apple ID is required for all apple users and it is a way for us to have access to the apple native applications such as iMessage and Facetime among others. There is a wide variety of apps, movies, videos and books at various prices but it can be a inconvenience and/or risk to have your Credit or Debit card information associated with your account because it can be very easy to accidentally purchase Apps/ Movies /Books. Follow the steps below to create iTunes Account:
There are two ways to avoid this, If you already have your account you can remove this information and if you are creating a new one you can skip that step by following these simple steps.
create itunes account

Create iTunes Account:

    1. Go ahead and open the App Store, iTunes Store or iBook Store
    2. Once you are in the app choose any item (song,video,book, movie)
    3. Once you tap the item to select it, Tap on the “GET” button


  1. A pop up will ask you to sign-in with your Apple ID or create one, select “Create New Apple ID”itunes-account
  2. Follow the instructions that will be presented on the screen and once you get to payment method select Noneitunes-account-login
  3. After you complete the process to create your iTunes account /Apple ID, verify your account via your email and you are all set.create itunes account

If you have an existing account:

    1. Access your account information using your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer
    2. If you are using your device tap on Home -> Settings -> App & iTunes Store -> Apple ID -> View Apple ID
    3. To view your Apple ID information it might be required to sign-in to confirm your credentials and then you can tap on “Payment Information”
    4. Tap on “NONE” the last option under the Payment Type category
    5. Tap DONE to apply the changes you’ve created


  1. If you are using your computer, open the iTunes Store Application and click on “SIGN IN”
  2. Once you have signed in, select Account information at the bottom of the floating window with your name and email
  3. Enter your password to confirm your credentials
  4. On the Account Informational menu under the Apple ID Summary, click on EDIT next to payment method
  5. Select NONE on the pop-up window and click DONE

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